How it works?

Who can register on SurveyFriends?

Every person over 15 years old, living in the United Kingdom and who has access to the internet can register on SurveyFriends.

What's the SurveyFriends concept?

The concept is easy: you participate in surveys, then collect points (called Survey Points) as a result of your participation and in return use these points to bet on prizes.

What are the differences between the Survey Points and the Social Points? How to collect them? How can I use my points?

Survey Points
According to your profile (gender, age, locality…) you will have access to surveys.
All the Survey Points you collect and accumulate will then allow you to:

Social Points
You can also collect Social Points by inviting friends to take part in our surveys. You will collect 200 Social Points for each recommended friend who registers on SurveyFriends.
You will also receive extra Social Points in correspondence to 10% of all your friends' Survey Points during their first 6 months.
All the Social Points you collect and accumulate will then allow you to:

How many points do you collect with each questionnaire?

The number of points offered by each questionnaire is dependant on the type of the survey.
This number of points is indicated below the questionnaire title and it is the same for every person who takes the same questionnaire.

Where are the questionnaires / surveys? How do I get invited?

When you register for the first time, all the surveys in progress will be shown as soon as your registration is validated.
All the people already registered can see the list of questionnaires from their homepage when they sign in. We will also send you an invitation email when a new survey is available for you.

Are the available questionnaires the same for all the registered people?

No. The questionnaire list to which you can participate depends on your profile. A survey which is only concerning men won't be opened to women. Equally, a survey which is concerning people over the age of 30 will not be open to people outside this age group.

Can I accumulate my Survey Points or Social Points over the weeks?

Yes. There is no limit regarding accumulating points and you will never lose your points for not using them.

Can I bet at different times on a same prize in the gift lottery?

Yes absolutely. As long as the date doesn't expire, you can bet as many points as you own.

How are the winners chosen for the gift lottery prizes?

The winners are chosen by a draw system. For example, Peter who has bet 500 Survey Points on a prize will have twice as much chance as Emily it if she has only bet 250 Survey Points on the same prize.

I have won a Gift or Voucher. What happens next?

We immediately let our winners know about their reward/prize by email.
To receive this prize (Gift or Voucher), we ask the winner to reply to this email by confirming their postal address.
As soon as we receive this confirmation, the prize is sent within 10 days by mail or by parcel post.
If you have any further request or question about it, do not hesitate to contact us.