Gift Voucher Shop

Only Survey Points can be used in the Gift Voucher Shop.

The Social Points can only be used for the Voucher Auctions

As soon as your account reaches 20,000 Survey Points you will be able to exchange them for one of the £10 Gift Vouchers below:

Love2Shop - Digital Gift Voucher - £10

Value: 20,000 Survey Points

Love2shop is the UK’s leading multi-retailer gift voucher - accepted by over 75 top retailers at over 19,000 stores nationwide. You will receive an online code that can be redeemed for physical or digital vouchers on the Love2Shop website.

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PayPal - Transfer - £10

Value: 20,000 Survey Points

Not much to explain when it comes to PayPal. One of the easiest and safest way to receive money online. Receive £10 when you reach 20,000 points.