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Made in Surveys

Made in Surveys, your partner in market research fieldwork.

Made In Surveys is a FULL service agency. We provide scripting, hosting online questionnaires, panel, qualitative solutions ... etc.

Made in Surveys UK provides fieldwork and recruitment for quantitative and qualitative projects. Made in Surveys UK has specialised in quantitative online market research for over 15 years. Our clients include major market research companies, communications agencies and other marketing professionals.


Marketest is part of Made in Surveys LTD, created in 2008 (Registration No 6550725). The parent company "Creatests" (Made in Surveys FR) has been established since 1998 in France.

Marketest is an online quantitative Market Research company dedicated to pre-startups, start-ups, new businesses and/or new products/services. Marketest has worked with over 1000 companies, helping them through the market research process.
To have an idea of the level of service we provide, check our Testimonials page.

We have our own proprietary Panel in the UK (150,000 panellists) and in France (450,000 panellists). In total it is near 30 panel websites :,,,,,,