The SurveyFriends concept is simple. Collect points and earn great rewards!

Survey Points

According to your profile ( Gender, age, Location…) you will have access to surveys.

By taking part in these interesting questionnaires you will collect Survey Points (on the condition that you answer all the questions honestly).

All the Survey Points you collect and accumulate will then allow you to:

Social Points

You can also collect Social Points by inviting friends to take part in our surveys. You will collect 200 Social Points for each recommended friend who registers on SurveyFriends.

All the Social Points you collect and accumulate will then allow you to win Gifts or Vouchers in our monthly auctions.

You will receive your vouchers and gifts within one week of winning them!

Only members that are UK residents will be invited to take part in our surveys and are therefore eligible to receive gifts and vouchers.

All the surveys you take part in are answered anonymously. It's never about sales strategy and we never give our clients any information, which would compromise our members' identity. We have strict confidentiality rules.