Member Privacy Policy

SurveyFriends is committed to the privacy of our participants. We wish to share this promise with you through our Privacy Statement.
Below you may understand how SurveyFriends will use and treat your data.


SurveyFriends makes a commitment to each participant that it will ensure the utmost confidentiality and therefore maintain the anonymity of each participant online. Indeed, under no pretext whatsoever will SurveyFriends divulge personal information relating to individual participants (such as their e-mail address, postal address, level of income, marital status, etc.) to any third party in any way, shape or form without the participant's explicit consent.
With over 10 years' of experience in online surveys our company and the parent company MIS-Group applies the "ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research", the “ESOMAR Guideline for Online Research” and the “MRS code of conduct”.
In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 concerning Data Processing and Civil Liberties, dated 6 January 1978, the participant shall have the right to gain access to his or her data and correct it.
In order to exercise this right, the participant may either write to the address below or contact us by email.
SurveyFriends undertakes to carry out all the formalities required with the Information Commissioner's Office in order to declare the participants' file. As part of ensuring the security of exchanges of e-mail with the participant, SurveyFriends shall make sure that the tools required pursuant to the legislation in force in United Kingdom are set up. In this respect, SurveyFriends's only obligation shall be to take due care.


In some circumstances, SurveyFriends may ask you to inform us of your sensitive personal data, unless we are permitted to process such sensitive personal data by law, we will ask for your consent. In general, sensitive data that may be collected by SurveyFriends may cover:
 - your racial or ethnic origin,
 - your political opinions,
 - your physical or mental health or condition,
 - your sexual life.


In case the participant has agreed to take part in online surveys, SurveyFriends will provide clients with data files containing anonymous answers to survey questions or a report setting out and interpreting those answers. No personal data in respect of those individuals responding to a survey will be given to clients of SurveyFriends without previous consent.
In some circumstances SurveyFriends may be required by law to share sensitive personal data about you to a third party. Otherwise SurveyFriends does not share sensitive personal data outside of the companies forming the SurveyFriends Group without your consent.


SurveyFriends ensures that it is permitted to process your personal data (any data from which the identity of a living individual can be determined, either by itself or with other data processed by data controller). If no statutory condition applies to the form of processing we undertake, we can only undertake such processing with your consent. You may withdraw your consent to our processing your personal data by writing to the address below.
If a statutory condition applies allowing SurveyFriends to process your personal data and you withdraw consent to process your personal data this will not necessarily mean that SurveyFriends ceases to process your personal data as it may, for example, be under a statutory duty to continue to process your personal data for some purposes e.g. to keep copies of commercial transactions for a minimum of seven years.
Any personal information you send to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.
SurveyFriends may continue to process your personal data after you have ceased to be a member of SurveyFriends or we have sent you any information requested by you.

Article 5. COOKIES

One or more "cookies" will be placed on the hard disk of the participant's computer in order to allow SurveyFriends to recognise the participant when they connect to the SurveyFriends website, in order to facilitate the management of SurveyFriends, and for statistical purposes (pages consulted, date and time of consultations etc.)
Only information collected by cookies as specified in this section of our privacy policy is automatically collected from users of the Site. In the event that we do collect any personal data about visitors to the Site it is available only to SurveyFriends.
The participant authorises cookies to be put in place and their use by SurveyFriends. The participant is informed of the possibility of opposing the installation of "cookies ". To do so you should modify your browser settings click on the help section of your Internet browser and follow the instructions.


If you have any queries relating to this statement, please feel free to contact us by letter at the following address:
    Panel Manager, SurveyFriends - MIS-Group
    United House,
    North Road
    London N7 9DP